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Site Update

We’ve updated the website!

Previously, we had a blog (that was starting to get a bit crusty…) hosted at (wordtree.org)[http://wordtree.org] and for several years now, we’ve been wanting to do a bit more with the website.

First of all, we want to showcase some of the things we’ve done in the past, and make it easier to access the information and resources that WordTree provides. In particular, we’ve highlighted 3 of the things we’ve done that we think might be useful to you:

Book of Mormon Origins

An open-source, public domain resource that adds missing footnotes to the Book of Mormon.

The Late War Study

A computer-aided study that reveals some remarkable similarities between the Book of Mormon and The Late War Between the United States and Great Britain (published in 1816).


A resource for computer-aided studies of the Book of Mormon. Contains a command-line tool (Linux/MacOS/Windows) that can be used to find specific verses across multiple editions, or produce full copies (with our without chapter/verse annotations) of each edition.

Second, we’re changing the site around so that the blog is not the only thing visible. We’ll be working on providing APIs, data, and new and interesting information about the Book of Mormon. We’ll highlight some of these as they become ready.


Published 4 Mar 2018

The WordTree Foundation studies the relationships between books, with a special interest in LDS scripture such as the Book of Mormon.
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