Data Science

DIY Mosiah Priority with BomDB

We recently created BomDB as a tool for Book of Mormon researchers. This post shows how to use it to replicate some of the analysis that led to the Mosiah Priority hypothesis. This is especially for you if you like to do-it-yourself for the sake of skeptical inquiry.


Using TextGrams.jl

A rundown of the use of TextGrams.jl, a library used to score the relatedness of 2 or more books based on the similarity of their ngrams.


Understanding ARPA and Language Models

I started off today thinking I’d be able to transform a previous n-gram library we wrote in the Julia programming language over to KenLM, a very fast Language Model generator. Instead, I ended up spending most of the day learning about language models and data formats. I thought I’d pass along some of this information and any insights I’ve had.